Any pupil seeking admission should have his/her name registered   before 31st December of the preceding academic year. Application for registration should be made in the prescribed form which is available in the school.

2.       Minimum age required for admission to various classes is given below

          LKG - 3 years + (As on the first June of the academic year)

          UKG - 4 years + (As on the first June of the academic year)

          Standard - 1 - 5 years + (As on the first June of the academic year)

3.       Application  for admission should be made in the prescribed from.

4        Application should be accompanied by birth certificate obtained from the local body and transfer certificate ( in case of students migrating from other schools)

5.       Transfer Certificate in respect of pupils migrating from states other than Kerala will have to be countersigned by the competent authority.

6.       The students who have not studies in any recognized school, but seeking admission to this schools should qualify the eligibility test. They should also produce date of        birth certificate.

7.       Admission fees and the other prescribed fees should be paid at the time of admission.

8.       Application for transfer should be made 15 days before it is actually required. A fee of Rs.50/- will be charged for TC

9.       T.C is generally issued only in the third week of May. In such cases fees upto the month of May will have to be paid.

10.     However, if to be issued after the re-opening of the school after summer vacation, all fees payable for the First Term will have to be paid.

11.     Fees for the whole term will have to be paid, if TC is required on any day of the term, irrespective of the number of days the students attend the school.