Inside School


House System

                   House system is one of the most significant features of public school system. It goes a long way in fostering team spirit, co-operation and healty attitude to competition. The four houses of our school are named after great national leader:

                        HOUSE                               HOUSE MASTER

          1.       Gandhi House                         MUMTHAS.A

          2.       Nehru House                           KARTHIKA.C

          3.       Tagore House                         PREETHA

          4.       Subhash House                      DEEPTHI.L

          Each House is led by a student captain and vice captain under the guidance of teachers. Houses are on duty in rotation. During the week on duty, the House carries out the following responsibilities.

          1.       Conduct of Assembly   2.   Publication of House Magazine

          3.       Maintenance of cleanliness of school premises   4. Conduct of CCA

          Following are the activities of the daily morning assembly.

          1.       Prayer  2.   National pledge  3.  Thought for the day

          4.       News of the day   5.  Poetry Recitation  6.  Quiz  7.  National Anthem

                   The House magazine is a medium of expression of the talent  literary talents of the students. Drawing, Paintings, Poems, Short-stories, Articles etc. contributed by the students are published in the House Magazine. This is done under the guidance of teachers who are associated with the house.

          Competitions in all co-curricular activities are held inter house. Besides awarding prizes to the winning student/students, credit is awarded to the Houses throughout the academic year, the Best House is awarded a trophy for the year. Marks are awarded for the following

          1.       Assembly

          2.       Magazine

          3.       Co-curricular activities

          4.       Discipline

          5.       Maintenance of cleanliness.

Black shorts up to class V
Black pants from class VI onwards
Pink with white striped Shirts
Black Socks
White shorts/pants and House Colour T-shirts with white shoes on Wednesdays
Black pinafore
Pink with White striped Shirts
Black Skirts
Black Jackets
Pink with White striped Shirts
IX to XII 
Black Pants
Black Overcoats
Pink with White striped Shirts
White Skirts/Churdar and House Colour T-Shirts with white shoes on Wednesdays. 

Daily Routine

9.25 a.m                                   First bell.Teachers and students assemble

9.30 a.m.                                  Second bell. Morning Assembly begins

9.45 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.           First Period

10.30 11.10 a.m.          Second Period

11.10 11.15.a.m.          Recess

11.15 11.55 a.m.          Third Period

11.5 a.m.  to 12.35 p.m.          Fourth Period

1.00 p.m.  to 1.40 p.m.           Recess for Lunch

1.00 p.m.  to 1.40 p.m.           Fifth Period

1.40 p.m.  to 2.20 p.m.           Sixth Period

2.20 p.m.  to 2.25 p.m.           Recess

2.25 p.m.  to 3.05 p.m.           Seventh Period

3.05 p.m.  to 3.45 p.m.           Eighth Period