School Rules


A. For Students   

1.       This instructional hours of the school are from 9.25 am to 3.45 pm. Punctuality is the key to success; it should be observed  as a matter of habit. All students should reoport to the school at least ten  minutes before the first bell.

2.       This diary should be brought to the school every day. Day-to-day entries should be submitted to the parents for their perusal and necessary action.

3.       English is the medium of instruction; all students should speak English inside the school campuse except during Malayalam and Hindi classes. Please remember English is the passage to the treasure - house of knowledge.

4.       Every students must  maintain absolute cleanliness of body and dress. Students should wear the prescribed school uniform, properly washed and pressed. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

5.       Every students shall attend the school regularly. Irregularity in attendence is a sever breach of discipline. Moreover, regularity is essential for the success of any endeavour, it is a virtue to be  cultivated and preserved throughout one’s life. Leave will not be granted unless it is very essential. No one shall remain absent  without prior permission. Application for leave Should be sumitted and the leave should be got sanctioned before it is availed. In case of leave of leave on medical grounds, application should be accompanied by a relevant medical certificate issude by a competent medical officer.

6.       Exemplary behavior is expected of all students. Becourteous and  respectful to all.

7.       Treat all students of the school as your brothers and sisters - senior with respect and juniors with love and affection.

8.       You are cared for and nourished by the motherland; be patriotic. Be conscious of the great heritage and culture of the motherland, and be pledged to preserve it.

9.       Love the flora - fauna of this country; be determined not to disturb the ecological balance. Plant trees and preserve the natural wealth.

10.     Harsh, rough and disorderly behaviour inside or outside the class is treated as violation of discipline, which will be dealt with severely.

11.     Be truthful and honest. Remember the Father of the Nation,  Mahatma Gandhi who proclaimed and practised the principal,”Truth is God”

12.     Keep your class - rooms and school premises neat and clean. Neither write anything on benches and desks nor disfigure the walls. Don’t throw away scraps or waste paper etc. anywhere use the dustbins.

13.     Do your home - work, assignments and projects promptly.Note them in your diary and submit the written work in time. Don’t be late in this matter, time lost can never be recompensed.

14.     Be respectful and obedient to parents and elders. Love your neighbours and pray for their prosperity.

15.     Your daily routine should be disciplined.“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” Never be late in rising even on Sundays and holidays. Get up at 5 a.m. and go to the bed at 10 p.m.

16.     Work while you work, and play while you play. Have a determined schedule for studies, home - work, recreation and reading of library books. Do not be glued to the T.V; this can only spoil your time and destroy your creativity.

17.     While in the class, be attentive. A good student learns mostly during the class hours. This is possible if you sustain your attention and interest. Do not hesitate to ask questions, it facilities learning.

18.     Write your notes regularly. Pay proper attention to clean and legible hand -writting.         

19.     Good books are the best of the friends, today and for ever. Read them. Maintain a dairy to note down the goods things you have read; it can prove useful in future.

20.     Pupils are not permitted to bring to the school any book other than text - books, note - books, note - books and library books.

21.     Ornaments are not allowed except simple ear - rings (For girl students Only)

22.     Students should not bring money or costly articles to the school. The school authorities are not responsible for their loss.

23.     Cameras and cellular phones are not allowed in the campus.

24.     Exchange of articles or money transaction between students is not allowed.

25.     Pupils who are irregular in attendance, habitually idle, negligent of homework, disobedient to and disrespectful of teachers or other members of staff will not be permitted to continue in the school.

26.     Walk gracefully along the corridors of the school buildings, in front of office, Principal’s room, teacher’s room etc. Your gait should be dignified. Don’t make any noise while walking.

27.     Students should not cause any damage to school property. Any damage or loss caused by the students will have to be made good, at the expense of the person responsible for it.

28.     Students should maintain perfect discipline inside and out side the school.  Whistling, shouting or making undersirable sounds or gesture will invite penalty.

29.     While shifting from one room to another or while going out of the school building, perfect order and silence should be maintained.

30.     Be courteous and respectful to teachers and all elders Good manners demand that you say “Good morning”, “Good afternoon”, “Good evening”, “Goodbye”, “Have a nice day”, “Please “, “Sorry”, “Thank you”, “Good night” etc. at the appropriate time.

31.     Stand erect and attention while in conversation with a senior; never use gestures.

B. For Students

1.       Home is the first school and parents are the first teachers. Disciplined, amiable and congenial conditions at home and proper guidance by the parents are essential for the healthy growth of the personality of the students. Please bless your wards with ample of these.

2.       Parents should ensure that their wards abide by the rules of the school.

3.       Necessary items of uniform, text - books, note - books and other   Stationery articles should be provided to the students will not be  permitted to go outside the campus to purchase any of them.

4.       Parents many ensure that their wards maintain regularity, punctuality and discipline.

5.       No students shall be granted leave merely to attend social functions. Leave should be availed sparingly, only on unavoidable occasion or on medical resons.

6.       No leave is granted towards the end of a term and on days of Mid term Tests and Terminal Examination.

7.       Absence on the re-opening day, or after the terminal holidays is not permitted except on medical grounds.

8.       If a students is absent for more than fifteen days consecutively without permission his/her name shall be struck off the rolls. Similarly, a students remaining absent on the re-opening day without permission will also be subjected to removal from the rolls. Such students can seek re-admission, which will be decided according to the discretion of the Principal.

9.       This dairy is an important document. It contains information pertaining to the school, rules and regulations, report of progress of the studentsin scholastic and non-scholastic areas, and , above all important notes and communication from class teacher and suject teachers. Parents are requested to go through it daily. notes and communication may be acknowledged.

10.     Pupils should be trained to look after their belonging, the school is not responsible for their safe custody.

11.     Character building is the most importnats aspect of education. This school places added accet on this Courtesy, good manner, regularity and punctuality, truthfulness, love and devotion to the society, patriotic   feeling etc. have to be inspired, instilled and model for the child. Please adopt measures to ensure congenial atmosphere at home.

12.     Please do not make any derogatory remarks about teacher, elders in the presence of the child.

13.     A disciplined routine at home is essential for the academic progress of the students. Parents will kindely make sure that their wards devote   sufficient time to home work, assignments and projects and to prepare their lessons. this is a very important responsibility; please do not try to shirk it by merely arranging ‘tuition’. Necessary teacher  is done at school; what is required thereafter is proper learning through reading and writing. Practice in mathematics should be regular.

14.     Parents/visitors are not permitted to see the pupils or teachers  without prior permission of the Principal. Meeting the teachers or pupils will be by the Principal.

15.     Please help pupils to maintain their text - books, notebooks and other belongings neat and clean. Textbooks and notebooks should be  properly wrapped.

16.     Pupils should undoubtedly be encouraged to put in their best to archive academic excellence, but excessive pressurization should be avoided.

17.     Any peculiarity in the mental make - up or behavioral pattern of the pupil noticed by the parents should be brought to the notice of the  class - teacher.

18.     Besides Annual Athletic Meet, Annual Day Celebration etc. numerous co-curricular activities and functions are held in the school. Inter - House competitions are held in accordance with a well - laid schedule. Parents are requested to attend all such functions to encourage the students.

19.     Parents can meet teachers from 3.45 to 4.30 on the second and fourth Wednesdays. Meeting on other days can be arranged on prior appointments.

20.     Parents can meet the Principal at 3 pm on all working days.

21.     Every child is gifted with some extra ordinary talents in one area or other. let us identify the talents and nurture them. Please co-operate with the school to draw out the best and to enable the development of this  institution grows up to become exemplary citizens of great country of ours.